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Timing is everything.

As my goal is achieving maximal productivity, training less but right is all I strive for. This can be only achieved by investing more in health, quality of workouts and regeneration. And timing is everything. 

All the bodies work differently due to genetics, our lifestyle and food we consume.  However, we know by now there is a science called “epigenetics” and I have not mentioned yet, “nutrigenomics.” The first mentioned one says: “we are not slaves to our genes.” The other one concentrates on how each piece of food or for some, shit 😀 that we consume affects the way we look.

It is important to know, that you can change the way you look by sending different signals through exercising, food, and healthy habits. Timing decides how much productive you get towards reaching your fitness goals. Although, for some it is a long journey. All that is needed is consistency.

There are two main hormones we produce during a day that help bring about more productive days and workouts. Knowing the time of their production, decides how we set our days to get more productive. I used to wonder why some bodybuilders train late-nights and I did as well, but I have never felt better than now.

Waking up early mornings, being physically active throughout the day mostly until 3pm, and not staying long up, keeps me fresh and focused. I do not give a second thought about my lifestyle, it simply feels good and I constantly progress by training less.

These two hormones are called, Cortisol and Melatonin. The first one keeps us alert, the other one give us better sleep. To keep the post efficient, Cortisol is ideally produced in the mornings, thus we get most out of our day where Melatonin starts at dark. Therefore, ideal time for working out – mornings and for sleep it depends but between 10pm – 2am most important to get some sleep.

The other thing to know, their production is improved or hindered when exposed to the light or Sun. So, I always spend mornings out even when cloudy to get the most out of cortisol. At night we should avoid all the light to get that Melatonin. You can also benefit from evening workout as temperature gets lower than normal with time which promotes better sleep. This might be better for some, I prefer mornings. Remember, not to hit gym 3h before sleep! give it at least 4h so that you can eat and relax before sleep also do all the duties before gym in that case.

Why is this relevant? cortisol gives us more energy to step up our training while melatonin promotes better sleep thus, better regeneration  and better productivity next day. Another thing about timing is food. I do not see anything bad as long as you eat every two or three hours just remember there is 45min time frame after workout where nutrition needed the most.

We can also learn how to get nutrition faster in our system but this for later. I only mention that drinking apple cider with water of course, promotes faster digestion tremendously (usually when gaining weight to get more space for next meal). The other thing in mind, If you keep your mornings productive you get your metabolism work really fast which is why I normally eat in the afternoons and a lot and I still wonder how come 😀

You can also base your meal plan on melatonin production to further endorse it by eating mostly serotonin and magnesium rich foods. I eat a lot of peanuts, avocados and green leafy vegetables which are also very keto friendly. I also eat meat few times a week.



Magnesium rich foods:
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