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Bodybuilding in 1 Hour.

We have been recently demonstrating 2h a week gym concept, now it is time for some progress. 5 months ago, I started training for 1h a week and constantly progressing with regeneration, strength, and performance. Although, I do not see noticeable changes in physique probably due to fact that, I am natural, my genetics sucks (hard gainer) and our bodies get best at 30s. I also do not strive for big muscles but more efficient fitness, better health, performance, and strength, as it helps me to deal with day-to-day challenges (mentally, physically).

Born in middle-class family with a good reputation, left country at 19 and started over, not knowing much about life without any background and support as I wanted to do it my way (not proving to anyone but myself) – I am glad for any support. When I started training for 2 hours a week and had results, it was still acceptable thanks to my commitment but when started only for 1h a week, it was kind of hard to get for everyone. I simply believe, whatever we do in life, it is not about how hard we work but how many right decisions we make each day. To know what is right, it all starts by accepting we know nothing which is why I constantly analyse, test, and educate myself on the matter.

This is not a joke but very focused and disciplined lifestyle for those seeking the most effective solution toward reaching your desired fitness and health goals. The main point is to always prepare your body optimally by achieving maximal health and mental focus to get most out of training and regeneration phase. I would not suggest anyone going for this plan without being completely checked by doctor and before getting more serious about bodybuilding. I started training 4 years ago and I could not accept idea of not being progressive every day, which got me into training more effectively.

From now on, I want to share with you every progress and all it takes to train and recover from 1h a week gym session. My goals are simple. I want to see how far I can go with over-all physique development, how much I can lift during this one hour and how fast I can recover from it. In other words, create ideal working capacity which can prepare people and athletes being relentless. I am undertaking fitness instructor courses to get certified and help others to improve their lives through fitness.


I am not going much in details. All we need to know right now is, nothing is easy otherwise everyone could do it. If you are new to fitness, find your purpose in it, so it can become a lifestyle, otherwise you fail. You can cheat others but not you. The first thing to keep in mind is, achieving maximal work capacity takes time, consistency, and preciseness. Therefore, I am planning to give you more scientifically-based posts on improved performances inevitable in achieving better working capacity. See the difference from the first post. In the first post, we talked about achieving better look, performance, and health now it is about maximal performance through achieving maximal health which is the over-all goal. When I started, it was just about the look now it is about living it.

Lastly, I also start posting on What I am precisely doing and why, while keeping you constantly updated on the progresses.  And this is the promise, however, I have a busy schedule to keep, so I cannot really tell now, what my posts consistency will be like. But I also work on that. You can in the meantime, follow Instagram, found in bottom of the site for more consistent content if you like. Aside from that, I look forward to keeping you fed.



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