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The secret weapon.

It is not an easy journey to build muscles naturally especially when your genetics or life sucks. Therefore, I reveal you my secret weapon for boosting your energy levels and giving you ideal hormonal balance for better leaner gains. It also helps to prolong life, boost immune system, and improve breathing and cardiovascular health so that we can train intense and heavy!

There are many herbs giving you this extra advantage over your performance and gains, however keep it organic and check the providers. Remember Quality over Quantity. You can make your own mix based on your preferences or taste. Try references for more info.

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All the ingredients listed below have many unique benefits, although I state only those in brackets I find most relevant for my fitness and health goals. I use only ecologic products to avoid toxins and enhance the effects that are notable.

 Only a pinch of each (not overdoing)

  1. Green tea (physical performance, fat burning).
  2. Lapacho tea best combined with Yerba mate to strengthen effects (maximal focus, performance, and immune system).
  3. Hibiscus tea (Protects organs and lowers blood pressure).
  4. Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Marjoram, Sage (Digestion, detox and better breathing)
  5. Catuaba (mood and longevity)
  6. Curcumin combined with black pepper to strengthen effects (maximal Focus and health)
  7. Gotu Kola (detox and cardiovascular health)
  8. Dandelion (detox and maximal health)
  9. Red clover (cardiovascular health)

I use only a pinch of each, 4 times a week, thus do not need to cycle it and risk any side effects. The most important thing about life is harmony and same goes for my selection choice. These substances promote Testosterone and Growth hormone stimulation which is great for leaner gains and better performance and health. Therefore, I drink it before noon so I can sleep better at nights.

The other point is to promote better cardiovascular health, improve breathing to achieve intense trainings and faster fat burning. It also relieves pains after each gym session, as it really hurts. It is also very nutritious and ideal for treating joints, bones and fasten regeneration process.

I would not suggest taking all the substances from the start but be patient and listen more to your body. I also add Cayenne pepper, seaweed along with Haritaki and Yashti-madhu (Ayurveda), just to spike testosterone and growth hormone production. Not really fan of Ayurveda – especially there be watchful about quality.

Once you start, you get surprised at how much productive your day and fitness goals get – stay consistent and make it fun.


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