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Self-discipline TOP 10.


I am no special than you, my friends. I stumble, I fall, I get up and again. However, if there is one thing that helped me profoundly in achieving my fitness and health goals, its daily self-discipline through adhering to a specific plan until achieving. I decided to share with you my “Top 10” to pave the way for your fitness goals.  Apart from that, I do things aside fitness and health where discipline gives me more opportunities for further growth by learning, adopting and doing things effectively.

Although, adversity is biggest enemy and the best way to deal with unfavourable situations is to purposefully put yourself in them. For me, fitness is more than just a lifestyle and I want constantly progress and help the fitness community which forces me to put myself into positions that give me the shivers 😀 That is when, my discipline is tested to the fullest but I know what I want and I persevere. I also believe, progress without some extent of self-discipline is not possible especially in fitness.


Power tip nr. 1 – Build an unwavering belief in Success.

Diminish your doubts, learn from those who have achieved what you seek. If there are thousands of people who have followed a specific plan and achieved success, nothing should stand in your way.

Power tip nr. 2 – People see what they want to see (follow your workout plan religiously).

An excellent example of self-discipline and commitment are pro athletes. What people see is the act of winning. What they do not see are thousands of hours of practice. Fitness is ideal for building better mindset as it is not just one hour at gym but 23 outside- get committed, make it lifestyle. “Success demands your focused exercise into the journey and the tools of that journey (process) as opposed to the destination (event)” (MJ Demarco, 2011).

Power tip nr. 3 – Find your purpose.

The most common reasons why people quit are many, however I found the most relevant motivation and lack of enjoyment. If you do not enjoy your fitness plan, change it. There are many ways to achieve your fitness goals. If you lack motivation, find your purpose why you are doing this, getting fit is not enough. For me, it has more to do with security as I like to challenge myself a lot in life and the only place I started to feel most secure is gym through growing stronger not just physically but mentally which also improves the quality of life outside gym and career growth opportunities. It is my lifestyle.

Power tip nr. 4 – no excuses!

The other reasons of quitting are lack of support, wrong expectations and lack of time. Find people who will support you or read books and visit sites that keeps you going and inspired. In reference section, you can find inspirational podcast on soundcloud that is constantly growing.

For me especially, youtube where bodybuilding motivational videos are posted frequently are big plus where you could listen to the winners and their advices, and you get surprised by, the more you listen to them, the more of the meaning it will eventually give you and support your beliefs.

I also hang out with people who expect from me maximum. As to time management, make priorities and make the process fun. To cope with wrong expectations, plan small and aim high. Small accomplishments will make you humble and bring more happiness in your life.

Power tips nr. 5 – willpower. 

When feeling down or not really into anything, still do it and give your best even though not having best of the workout, you still have been through it. That empowering feeling of winning against yourself will develop that strong discipline of working out regularly. It is difficult to get back on the track after making breaks or leaving things for tomorrow.

Always do your best, plan small wins like one more rep or raising weights by 5 kg per set within two weeks, set your mind to the process and never surrender! Take life as a test, do your homework and be patient.


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