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Efficient bodybuilding in brief.

If you are new to bodybuilding and wonder how to start or looking for efficient ways to finally get those desired results,  you should rather keep reading as this is going to change your view of bodybuilding. The most important rules of being effective when achieving your fitness goals are quality over quantity, consistency and patience.

Our bodies are incredible. They can adapt and improve by power of thoughts and constant effort. Exercising is a hormetic stressor, very beneficial to the human bodies if in right doses. Therefore, training smart over quantity is critical. Muscles also need longer span of regeneration if avoiding anabolics. Training longer is proved to be catabolic which breaks down muscles. I do not see any reason behind training 3-5 times a week if not competing or having empty schedules if you can reach comparable results just in 1-2 times a week. So what we can do to keep our bodies anabolic?


It has all to do with hormonal balance and if you think your genes sucks you only make excuses! By lifting heavy weights in short time intervals you get best hormonal response. This makes you feel better,look better, and sleep better. If you are a girl, do not get afraid to get bulky. You would have to take enhancing substances and eating like it is your full-time job. You have naturally more estrogen which is why, there is no way.

As to genes, your body expects you to lift heavy and eat rich nutritions which change your body accordingly. There is a science behind genetics called “epigenetics,” where in fact, you can optimize your hormonal balance by simply sending your body positive information through revised eating and exercising habits. To modify your genes and keep your body in optimal anabolic state, you must be consistent, eating well and not mentioning sleeping right.

Speaking of eating, simply ditch chlorinated water, chemical food additives and preservatives, antibiotics, processed foods and agricultural chemicals that affect your gut bacterias called “ gut microbioms.” In other words, your diet should revolve around serotonin and melatonin rich foods that affect gut bacterias positively, thus running your belly and brain efficiently. Melatonin is truly a king between hormones with many health benefits, good sleep and above all hormonal balance. You should also focus on other good sleep nutritions found in references as you will not go far without them.

The most efficient diet connected to lean muscles and fat burning is definitely ketogenic diet concentrating on unsaturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats supported with starchy and non-starchy foods(vitamin rich) preferably non-starchy due to lower carbs content if running on keto diet. Non-starchy foods like spinach are very nutrition rich foods covering most of the nutrition injection needed during a day.  You can also add some low sugar fruits and cheat meal in training days – some additional carbs.

Power tip

Get some accountability partner. Statistics show that having external accountability partner helps you through the process. The most important prerequisite is having a person who believes in you. When working on better body and health not everyone might be supportive. The other way of staying inspired is subscribing and listening to sites such as or you can try my soundcloud channel where you get pumped whenever needed, search for mrangry1 – it is growing significantly since first launched.


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