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Supplements or Natural doping?

Simply go with both. To accelerate your performance and regeneration to achieve better physique, both ways work just fine. It is again not the quantity but quality. Speaking of quality, the products should be organic because better health, better results. The other point is that, the supplements are using other substances that might prove counterproductive, so try to keep it as organic as possible. According to Olympic Committee analysis, almost 15% of the supplements contain substances not only listed on the label but would cause an athlete to fail a drug test.

As to plants, it is again important the quality and the harmony. In other words, it must meet its purpose while not harming the body. So, mind whether they are organic or not as some might contain heavy metals. I also noticed that, some are rich in carbs, therefore take everything in moderation especially when your body is in ketosis. Herbs and supplements are no food substitution only to enhance your competences to get you there.

We should be also aware of what we want to supplement or achieve with them. Therefore, keep track of what you eat and what you lack to reach your goals effectively. I chose only few that I find relevant when it comes to bodybuilding (performance) and those improving your hormones towards making your body more efficient (over-all health). If interested, you can read more on productive supplements and plants in references or ask me anytime in the comments.


Better performance and gains

Arginine-Glutamine-Creatine-beta-alanine combo

  • Better pump, performance, strength and gains ideally before and after gym.

Fish oil, Chlorella, Spirulina ginseng/ginkgo and goji berries (vitamins-optional)

  • Maximal performance through essential nutrition abundance keeping body anabolic.

Schisandra/Shatavari/Asparagus/Ashwagandha altogether 1000mg/day.

  • With mounting testosterone and growth hormone your performance and gains will progress.


Better sleep and regeneration


  • Widely used to induce deeper thus, more productive sleep.


  • Another great supplements to improve sleep quality which directly affects good regeneration of your muscles.

The supplement choice differs individually based on the diet and particular fitness goals, however, the above proved to be very anabolic which inhibits muscle break-down and maximize lean gains and performance. From well-functional digestion system to efficient regeneration through ideal hormonal balance to make things easy and natural for you. Remember the quality and there is no supplement for food or hard-work. Eat right, drink a lot and give your body a little natural boost to be more efficient bodybuilder.


Next time:

Efficient training.


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