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Eating effectively.

Eating is definitely the most important aspect of building stronger and better bodies.  It is not just about what but when and how fast you deliver nutrition. Eating slowly every 2-3 hours small portions, keeping same calories whether gaining or cutting (Remember Consistency), focusing on nutrition-dense foods is what it takes to keep your body in anabolic state to prevent muscle break-down, improve strength and performance to survive heavy-intense workouts.

I am not forcing you to jump on Ketogenic diet at all, however it proved to be the best in terms of lean muscles, more quality energy spread throughout the day and other important health benefits. If not Keto then mind rather more your calories surplus. We must first think that, exercising twice a week requires more focus outside of the gym. Low carbs-high fat diet does not only diminish hunger to keep you on the track but also enables faster fat burning even when not exercising. There is no wonder, why many pro athletes are switching to ketogenic diet.

You can read up more about the ketogenic diet in “references.”  I only raise that, keeping your macros 75-70 – 15-20 – 5-10 (fat-protein-carbs) is the most essential aspect of maintaining your body in ketosis and reaping all the benefits. Rather than scolding over which diet serves best, the focus lies on achieving your desired fitness goal. The quality of nutrition and its logistics will decide physical look, strength and performance.

To accelerate your regeneration and strength growth, keep your body optimally hydrated as this will keep the optimal supply of nutrition to growth targeted areas. The amount of water varies with amount of activities performed during a day, nevertheless, I suggest making it into a habit so it gets easier to keep track of enough fluids. Starting and ending your day with 0,2l of water as well as before and after meals will keep nutrition logistics uninterrupted. I advise drinking natural still water for better feel and health.

Adding nutrition-dense foods as part of your keto diet will speed-up the recovery process thanks to nutrition abundance just in one meal. You can also improve your performance and strength with testosterone and growth hormone rich foods allowing faster recovery and more lean muscles. However, mind always your keto macros. I believe there are two important factors in achieving an ideal physique which are physical activity and arguably more important proper diet and sticking to it.

This will in the process adjust your body into more efficient energy usage and improve overall performance and strength.  Thus, you can perform quicker and better during that short session and get more out of that trainings.

Nutritious salad box 200g brie cheese +1 t medium tomato + ½ cucumber + 20g spinach + 20g rucola leaves + 8 olives + sesame/hemp/chia seeds + olive oil + ginger

In the end, I only mention that, keeping your body in ketosis around healthy unsaturated fats, avoiding estrogen inducing foods can be sometimes challenge which is why I strongly advise using blood-pressure friendly foods or advise with doctors if you suffer from any issues. My personal favorites are red beets and dark chocolate with 85% cocoa which is ideal keto food. The above provided salad box is an ideal example for keto-friendly, nutrition rich and good hormones inducing meal.

Other than that, I have been experiencing only the bright sides which is why it has already been 1 year on keto diet and will unlikely change as I not just enjoy the food but also the benefits of being strong and above-all efficient.

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Philipp Homer Graff (2016). Power Foods for Champions. Wie Sportler ihre Leistungsgrenzen mit Pflanzen sprengen können. Impressum, München, Germany.

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