Effective is your new tomorrow…

Bodybuilding might be very confusing due to information overload. There are just too much information out there. Here is only what is worth. Train 1 – 2 times a week to achieve all your fitness/health goals and get even beyond that.

According to many studies, full muscle regeneration takes up to 3 – 7 days and heavy-intense stimulus are best for muscle and performance optimization where 5 compound exercises are enough to cover all muscle groups. You can definitely train, eat and sleep less, and get the same results as other natural bodybuilders grinding way more.

Your time is valuable, if not, then nothing is.

You are going to learn how to get most out of your training, sleep and nutrients, and on top of that, you learn to stimulate your natural testosterone and growth hormone production to speed up recovery process and increase your strength, stamina and performance to get most out of your training and life.

Effective fitness makes you more productive not just at gym but also in life. Check my other passion TRAVEL or EARN cash online. Find other useful content bellow, Good luck with your journey to the TOP and follow mine on becoming a complete athlete bellow:





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